SFTN – the Scottish Film Talent Network

This is a some what belated update but here goes…

At the end of 2015 the Scottish Film Talent Network opened it’s doors for submissions to the New Talent Shorts scheme. This scheme has been running for a few years and is rapidly developing a reputation of backing some  very good short films such as “Monkey Love Experiments” Written and Directed  by Ainslie Henderson and Will Anderson in 2014 and “Grimm Street” Written by Emma Lennox Miller and Directed by Siri Rødnes. If you get the chance check them out!


Grimm Street (2015)


We’ve pulled together some very talented people to make a submission to the programme….

The Writer is Vincent Deighan (otherwise known as the comic illustrator Frank Quitely and his work on the All-Star Superman, New Xmen and Batman and Robin series of comics) with a rather dark tale of unexpected consequences. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Quitely

Director is Will Adams, co-owner/founder of  the animation studio Once Were Farmers based in Glasgow. Will has been Bafta nominated twice most notably for the BiteSize Shakespeare series that he Directed and the studio produced.

Technical Director is Tom Bryant, founder and owner of Interference Pattern animation studio based in Edinburgh. Tom has an exceptional eye for detail and his GC artwork on the 2011 Oscar winning short “The Lost Thing” is stunning. Other examples of the studios work can be found on this site. I have spent the last two fantastic years working with Tom at the studio.

The application was submitted and accepted on to the short list. This consisted of a series of workshops over several weekends in which the story would be defined and refined. A great course with sooooo much to learn, at the end of which the revised script, film treatment and budget/schedule was to be submitted at a pitch session.

Out of a total of 15 very exciting and diverse proposals 5 would ultimately be selected for commissioning. this would then lead a period refinement and preproduction before final submission at the start of September if we were to be successful.


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